Saturday June 8th 2019




Timetable TSOR is ready!

The time schedule for The Sound Of Revolution Effenaar is ready! We tried to schedule with care and prevent big clashes, with as little overlaps as possible to make as much visitors possible happy!  We cannot wait to welcome you all June 8th. Check the time schedule here: Timetable TSOR


Only two months left before another edition of The Sound Of Revolution and we hope you are just as excited for this as we are! With Gorilla Biscuits, Cockney Rejects, H2O, Dog Eat Dog, Booze & Glory, Death Threat and six more great bands we think we have a fantastic line-up! However, the organisation of the festival at Strijp-S has more difficulties than expected and the many construction activities in the area are not conducive to this. That's why we choose to move this edition to Effenaar. This venue is a great location, in the centre of Eindhoven, nearby the station and has a fantastic sound system. Also, you don't have to worry about any rain inside and however June 8 will be a hot day anyway, we can always turn on the airconditioning if we want :-) 
The line-up of The Sound Of Revolution in Effenaar will remain the same as that of Outdoor, as will the ticket price. Tickets already purchased will remain valid. Note: The capacity of the Effenaar is more limited than that of Strijp-S, so if you have any friends who would like to join you: our advice is to buy these tickets quickly at Ticketmaster.

Line-Up The Sound Of Revolution Outdoor Complete!

March 7, 2019

With the announcement of Death Threat and Violation Of Trust, the line-up of the first edition of The Sound Of Revolution Outdoor is complete! None other than Gorilla Biscuits, Cockney Rejects, H2O, Dog Eat Dog, Booze and Glory, Carnivore A.D., All For Nothing, Grove Street Families, Hawser and The Young Ones were already confirmed. The 12 bands of The Sound Of Revolution Outdoor play on two stages. The bands will play alternately so visitors won't miss a single band. There will be plenty to eat and drink, of course the popular market and merchandise stands will also be present and there will be no barriers to the stage.

Please note that the capacity of the festival site is limited. Tickets for The Sound Of Revolution Outdoor cost € 49,- (incl. service costs) and can be purchased via  www.ticketmaster.nl

New Website

March 1st, 2019

Today we release our brand new website! We invested in making the site more user-friendly and accessible. Check it out for all band info, tickets and more about The Sound Of Revolution. At first the website is only focussed on the Outdoor edition of The Sound Of Revolution, indoor will follow soon.


December 18, 2018

None other than Gorilla Biscuits, Cockney Rejects, H2O, Dog Eat Dog, Booze and Glory, Carnivore A.D., All For Nothing, Grove Street Families, Hawser and The Young Ones are confirmed for the first outdoor edition of The Sound Of Revolution. The festival will take place on Saturday June 8, 2019 at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, right in front of Klokgebouw. There will be 12 bands playing on two stages and visitors don’t have to miss any band as they will play alternately. There will be enough food and drinks and of course the popular market and merchandise stalls will also be present. Tickets for the first outdoor edition of The Sound Of Revolution cost € 49 (incl. service costs) and are on sale via Ticketmaster.



Grove Street Families
Violation Of Trust
Booze & Glory
Dog Eat Dog
Gorilla Biscuits

second stage

The Young Ones
Carnivore A.D.
Cockney Rejects


buy smart buy safe!


Get your ticket via our offical webshop. That way you can be certain it is valid.

Practical info

Festival area and time schedule

At June 8th, The Sound of Revolution takes place in Effenaar, which is located in the centre of Eindhoven and directly opposite the central station. The doors will open at 3.30pm and the first band will play at 4.00pm. 

You can reach Effenaar Eindhoven easily by public transport. More info about this in one of the following text blocks.

Public transportation

The venue is easily accessible with public transportation, across from Central Station Eindhoven. If you come by train or bus, take the exit 'centrum' at the station. Once outside, turn left and after about 150 meters you will see the Effenaar on the other side of the street.

For train times, please check the website of the Dutch train service (NS): NS.nl (also available in English). For busses and door-to-door info, check the website 9292.nl (also available in English).


Are you coming to the festival by car? From all directions it is best to follow the signs 'centrum' / 'station' until you reach Eindhoven Central Station. From there you can see the Effenaar venue after about 150 meters on the other side of the street. Note: in your navigation, do not enter Dommelstraat as your address, but Stationsweg, where you will end up on the right side (car park).

If you visit a concert or dance evening at the Effenaar, or in this case The Sound Of Revolution, you will only pay € 7.50 for the first four hours instead of € 12.00 at P1 Parking Kennedyplein (please note: you really have to be parked at P1 Parking Kennedyplein then). You must keep your exit ticket that you get at the P1 Parking Kennedyplein.

You can buy your discount card at the box office of the Effenaar (until half an hour after the end of the show at the latest). Both cards (i.e. both the exit ticket and the discount card) must be presented at the payment machine. After 4 hours you pay the normal hourly rate again. 


Drinks, cash, merch and catering

We don't use tokens at The Sound Of Revolution Effenaar. You can pay for your drinks with cash and debet (no credit), at the bar. 

There is a food court present with vegan food, vegetarian food and food for carnivores. You can buy food and drinks with cash money. 

There will be no bank machine at the festival, but if needed you can get some cash money by debet (no credit) at the Box Office. 

There will be merchandise stands at The Sound Of Revolution Effenaar. You can pay for your merchandise with cash money only. 

18+ wrist bands

Are you 18, but look younger? Get your special 18+ wristband at the Box Office! If there is any doubt about your age at the bar, all you have to do is show your 18+ wristband to get your beer. But if we doubt your age and you don’t have a wristband, you will not be served any alcohol! So if you or your friends think you have a “baby face”, avoid discussions at the bar and get your 18+ wristband at the Box Office. 


The Effenaar is accessible for disabled people. Call 040-2448861 during working hours or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the various possibilities. 

The Effenaar has a wheelchair platform at certain shows in the main hall. Unfortunately, our concert halls are not accessible to mobility scooters.


There are several hotels near the festival area. Crown Hotel Eindhoven is only a few meters away from the venue and Effenaar offers an exclusive discount link. We recommend you to use Booking.com or Google to find hotels in the vicinity of Effenaar. (the official address is Dommelstraat 2, 5611 CK Eindhoven).

Festival Rules

Before the party gets started and you’ll enter the venue, we want to make you aware of some practical stuff and specifically our house rules.

The Sound Of Revolution is a festival organized and produced almost entirely by volunteers. So be nice, to us and to each other! Everyone is making an effort to make sure it’s a fun and enjoyable party. Drink plenty of water when it’s hot and don’t forget to eat. Take care of yourself and the people around you, on the festival grounds and in the rest of the city. Think about your ears and wear ear protection. Don’t harass people with other beliefs, just show them music lovers áre open-minded.

The Sound Of Revolution makes an effort to get the best bands to Eindhoven. But unfortunately we cannot avoid accidents or a band has to cancel their whole tour. We can’t do refunds because your favorite band cancelled.

It should all go without saying, but just to make things clear for everyone, here’s a list of things that you are not permitted to bring into the building: Your own food/drinks (unless you have a special diet or medication, and then only after you have permission), glass, surf boards or other attributes to crowd surf with, weapons of any kind or sharp objects, pets and animals, drugs (Klokgebouw has a zero tolerance policy, and we urge you to respect this), flagpoles with flags, umbrellas and canes (with the exception on those medically necessary). Professional photo/film/sound gear is only permitted after strict permission from our organization.

Because we want to keep the festival fun for everyone, provocative clothing will not be allowed. You can (must!) leave it home.

Of course you can bring along: normal (digital) cameras, little spray cans with deodorant and belts. Are you having doubts whether you can take something with you? Ask us!

Children aged 16 and younger are permitted only with guidance and if they have ear protection. 

Are you 18, but look younger? Get your special 18+ wristband at the Information desk! If there is any doubt about your age at the bar, all you have to do is show your 18+ wristband to get your beer. But if we doubt your age and you don’t have a wristband, you will not be served any alcohol!

Selling items of any kind without our consent is strictly forbidden. Climbing, fighting and stealing are also forbidden. To make a long story short: don’t be an asshole! If you act inappropriately and don’t listen to any warning, you will be removed from the festival. If your behaviour have caused any damage, you will be charged for the costs.

Please note that there will be photographers and a video crew at the festival. It’s possible they will film you for the after movie, that you’ll be be seen in the full artist movie sets or at our festival pictures. Please let us know if you don’t want to be published any where. You can send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have any more questions, you can ask them at the people of the Info Desk of the festival. At the Info Desk we also sell lockers, parking tickets and ear plugs if you need those and you can also get your festival map and time schedule over there.



The Sound Of Revolution is organised by: Loud Noise
Artwork and design: Sly Artwork

festival locatie

Ijsbaan Eindhoven

Ook dit jaar wordt Dynamo Metalfest weer georganiseerd op de buitenbaan van Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven (ook wel simpelweg bekend als de Kunstijsbaan) aan de Antoon Coolenlaan in het zuiden van Eindhoven. 

Binnen/buiten: in overleg met politie en security is afgesproken dat als je eenmaal binnen bent het niet de bedoeling is dat je weer naar buiten gaat. Dit heeft te maken met publieksstromen en veiligheid. Maar ook omdat we geen groepjes barbecuende metalheads op het parkeerterrein willen met Slayer op 10 door de autoradio.

Dus zorg dat je alles wat je nodig hebt meeneemt (voor zover toegestaan). Verder kun je alles krijgen op het terrein: eten, drinken, (gratis) water en er zijn lockers en wc’s. Als je wel naar buiten gaat loop je kans dat je er niet meer in komt!


van der valk hotel

vanaf 69,50 euro per persoon

  • Gratis wifi
  • Verwarmd zwembad
  • Gratis parkeren
  • 12:00 uitchecken


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